Thursday, August 13, 2009


OK, this post isn't really about's just that the other day that my post was called: Big Mama, I got like 3 times the hits I usually get, and I felt like the popular Queen BEE in NYCPrep (you have to watch this show, the douche-bagery is EPIC) and LOVED I am thinking of either having provocative titles or all of them be BIG BOOBIES, just a thought...let me know what you think of that.
This post is really about just plain texting while you are driving, which should be called STUPID ON WHEELS.
This is where it pays to have a tattle tale...every family has one, it's usually the favorite child (yes, if you have more than 1 there is a favorite) You can pretend you're the Mother of the Year and love all your kids equally, we are not talking about LOVE, we are talking about favorite! How do I know this is true? Growing up, I was the favorite, many times it coincides with being the baby, or the cutest, sweetest and most lovely, or all of the above, just saying.
Anyway, I got a little tattle tale that lives with me and he tells me everything. He tells me about his friends, his brothers, himself (guilt gets to him) and about THE HUBS (his Daddy) which works just great for me!
So apparently The HUBS has been texting while driving. Not in front of me, of course, because we would both be dead, because if he was silly enough to text while driving while I was in the car, I would have WHACKED him so hard he would have blacked out and we would both be DEAD, right now!
No, he has been doing it, I assume alone (Thank GOD for good life insurance) and with the boys in the car (which he will answer to later tonight)
Now maybe I could live with this is if let's say we was Jeff Gordon, or Ricky Bobby, but he is undoubtedly the worst driver I have ever met. He will literally turn around and talk to the person in the back seat, he will drive with his knees while holding a coffee cup and talking on the phone (can you cay cup holder?) he will miss his exit because he is talking to you, oh the bad driving examples go on and on.
The funny thing is he really thinks he is a good driver and gets really annoyed when I tell him he isn't.
I know none of you are silly enough to be texting while driving, right?


  1. Your husband should have his nuts removed for texting while driving. My girlfriend would back me up on that. That is a major league shitty thing to do, especially with the kids in the car.

  2. No I'm too busy reading ur blog while driving.

  3. Provocative titles, hmmm...I'll read it...Sex sells!

    Sassy Chica

    btw: luv your blog


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!