Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging can be dangerous!

Sunday was Mother's day, I called my Mom, I swear I did! It was 6pm, and I thought it was 8pm in their time zone and for sure they would be home, they weren't, no one answered the phone. I remembered to try again at about 9pm, but then I thought it was too late. I called Monday night and my Mom wasn't home. So I chatted with my Dad a little while-

Daddy: Honey, you didn't call your Mom yesterday. She was expecting your call (translation: daddy's Little Girl/favorite/baby of the bunch = SHE IS PISSED!)

FFC: Yeah I did, no one answered, where were you at 8pm?

Daddy: We were home, we only went to the club a little while and then to lunch at your sister's.

FFC: I called and no one answered. Where is Mom out at night, on a Monday?

Daddy: She went to a Women Nobel Prize Winners Conference with her friends.

FFC: Oh, you mean an Angry Lesbians conference ?

ha-ha we both laugh, because that man totally gets my sense of humor. (while my mother-in-law who was at my house at the time just looks at me perplexed)

Daddy: Call her tomorrow, she won't be back until about 11pm tonight, and that will be to late for you.

FFC: No it won't, it's like 9pm, I can call her back.

Daddy: Darling, we are 2 hours behind you, not ahead of you.


Daddy: Besides, I don't think she is going to believe you she read your BLOG about HER Birthday!

FFC: uh-oh

And this is the woman who is coming to care for me after my surgery, if I was her I would be doing all sorts of nasty things to me when I was drugged.....maybe she will show the surgeon my post about HIM! oh no! Why do my 75 year old Dad and 70 year old Mom have to be so damn computer SAVVY!


  1. This is why I like that my mom never gets on the internet!

  2. My Mum is smarter on the computer than me.....and reads my bloody blog!!! lol
    Maybe you should just stay medicated until she leaves??


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!