Friday, May 29, 2009

House Arrest SUX!

So I have been on house arrest since getting out of the Hospital last Thursday. I used to think people who were given house arrest instead of jail time got off easy. Not anymore. It is the worst thing ever. I am bored beyond belief, I have (with the help of my Mom) cleaned out my closet. Put the winter stuff away in a giant Tupperware in the garage and pulled out the summer stuff and have it all in order. Then we got rid of the giant piles of laundry in the laundry room and put them all away. While doing that we discovered a bushell of clothes behind the dryer and (OK, this is bad) made my mom (who is 5 foot tall and 70 years old) climb behind the dryer and pass it too me. I couldn't for god sakes my stomach looks like swiss cheese! That is were I discovered like 25 pairs of my panties, all the slutty ones....I don't know very strange. I have let her control the TV as a sign of Thanks, which means I have been watching Food Network and Lifetime NON-stop! I have only been out time to the movies, and once to Target. Where they left me at the door and I got a little cart like those older people...I will never make fun of them again, it is so hard to steer those things and they go super fast!

I can not drive until I am off the pain medication and look behind me on both sides, that's what the Doc says. I am seriously hoping that will be Monday.

On a another note, I have more time to blog and surf the internets and have spent hours showing my Mom pictures of everyone and their mother on Facebook! ha-ha Oh yeah, she is blind as a bat and can never find her glasses, so she keeps wandering out of the bathroom with body lotion going is this shampoo? OR suntan lotion, is this toothpaste? MA! Wear your glasses before I have to call POISON CONTROL!
Oh! And my cel phone died and the I got a new one, but lost all 150 contacts in it! I figure if they didn't call to see if I'm alive, SCREW THEM, their not my friends, just sayin.


  1. i gosh i would go insane locked inside all the time!! maybe send your mum to buy box sets of tv shows and just watch every series you ever wished you had watched?! though write her a note... if there are small titles she could buy M*A*S*H instead of Gossip Girl...

  2. You wouldn't have thought it could be too bad... Sounds like everything has been going well--mom and all!

  3. Lol I feel your pain!! You say you have been watching food channels all Since I have been banded I have started cooking and baking stuff...I NEVER cooked or baked before!!! go figure..

  4. Well, I'm glad to see that your mom is keeping you on your toes despite the swiss cheese tummy!!

  5. I've left an award for you on my blog, because I like what you've given the blog world and you admitted you have extra blog time right If you're interested...

  6. God love your mother Miss Ylla, what a saint. And you also get a halo for being so sweet to her despite the pain and house arrest! (Maybe drugs help with this, hhmmm?!)

    Love the idea of you drunkenly careening from aisle to aisle in the little red at Target! Clearly your priorities are straight, making the boutique one of your two stops on your first trip out of the house!

    Hugs to you Miss Ylla,


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!