Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Never forget your Mama's Birthday!

Sunday was my Mother’s 70th Birthday. All week long, I repeated to myself over and over “don’t forget to call Mom on Sunday.” Well, Sunday came and things had to be done around the house, the dog had to go to the park, the boys needed lunch money, we met with friends, I saw the Macy's Day Parade at Universal…and of course I forgot. Well, almost… as I lay in my bed not able to sleep, with the man already sleeping and snoring, me trying to contain myself from not smothering him, when I remembered…....before I could think, I gasped for air HARD and it sounded like “eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhh” sort of like I was watching a bus load of little kids go over a cliff! The man woke up startled “What! What happened!” to which my response was, as I jumped out of bed at 11:30 pm, I forgot to call my MOTHER! The Man mumbled “you better not wake me up again.” What time is it in Guatemala? is it on hour a head or one hour behind, I can never remember, well it's either 10:30pm or not even her Birthday anymore! Thank God, one of the hairy's was still awake, we could call together and tell her the the call wouldn't go through earlier, that pesky International long distance (don't look at me like that, you make your kids lie for you too) the woman is 70 people, she used to have to talk to an operator to make a phone call, she was born the year nylon was invented, she will have no problem thinking the call didn't go through. Now my Mother is a person who is usually asleep by 8pm, being it was 10:30pm in Guatemala (I hope), I was sure she would be sleeping. Well, I was wrong; she picked up on the first ring and was wide awake. She was waiting for my call, and of course she mentioned she thought I had forgot and I was the last to call…boy I just made it by the skin of my teeth, good thing for that different time zone thingy!

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I love you Darling, really! Thank you!