Monday, December 29, 2008

Things I learned over the Holidays

  • Door Busters sales are usually nothing you’d bust a door down for
  • Just because you “fit” in the clothes in the junior department doesn’t meant you should buy or wear the clothes in the juniors department, unless you are a COUGAR, and don't mind everyone knowing.
  • At 36, “BABY PHAT” is not a good thing
  • A size 8 in the woman’s’ department is nowhere near a size 8 in the Juniors Department
  • Those stupid coupons you clip and print and carry in your purse for days NEVER apply to the one thing you want to buy! (unless it is Bed Bath & Beyond)
  • You’re finally a grown up when you spend your Christmas cash on a new crock pot and a good steamer! The realization sucks!
  • It is a true Christmas miracle when on the Sunday after Christmas (after eating nonstop since Thanksgiving, with daily consumption of chocolate) you can walk into Express and buy a size 8 (down from a size 10 in the summer) pair of jeans for $23! Wooooooo-hoooooooo! Thank you 8lbs 6 ounce Baby Jesus! Hallelujah!!

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  1. Actually I was browsing through the large array of steamers just the other day.....sigh. I didn't get one though....but I will:) Don't even go near the cougar thing!! I love sales!!


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