Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaaaaack

Yes, I am back from my vacation with many great and zany stories which I will post ASAP, SAT, soon, as I do have "actual" work to do in my real job. I'm dying to post pics as I they are GREAT, but of course I left the cord that enables me to download the pics from the camera to the computer in Guatemala! Why did I even take it?

I'll tell you quickly that I had to get my hair done at the salon the whole time I was there (3 times in all) because the first time I washed my hair and asked my Mom for her hair dryer, she pulls out this thing...almost as big as she is and calls it her blow dryer. It had at sometime in the past been white, it was kind of yellow now, and was shaped like a giant fat gun! I swear on my children's lives that she has owned this contraption since at least 1984!!! I'm just saying if I was divorced and a cougar, I would be dating men younger than my Mom's hair dryer! hahahaaaaaaaa...'fo sho! Suffice to say, it didn't work very well! At least the salon was CHEAP! You sure can enjoy cheap labor in those 3rd world countries! Just saying!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!