Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New BOY TOY for ME!

So you all remember how I wanted to track down THIS GUY, drag him home with me and make him be my new GAY BFF/BOY TOY...well, he lived very far, I am very broke and couldn't afford the airfare, then, he is like an Internetz star, etc, etc, etc (of course there is the itty bitty item called an restraining order *tee-hee*) Whatever! I have decided that I was simply shooting for the starts, and I needed to lower my expectation, just a little. Lower expectation will simply get your farther...

I have found a new object of obsession, he too can dance, he just doesn't look as TIGHT in a leotard as my former obsession...but hell, either do I!

Ladies, I give to you my future BOY TOY in ALL his glory-please try not stare at his manly bits it is more than most can bare!

If I was single, I would hook up a speaker system to my body and play this damn song on a loop, I would walk around popping and locking, strutting my stuff all over town, in some big PUTA shoes,- it would be MY THEME SONG! If you liked you should put a ring on it..oh, oh, oh...lallalaaaa - I'd get a personalized lic. plate that said FIERCE! ya baby! Oh Lord, it is a good thing I got married and settled down (even if I was 18!) I would have been ONE HOT MESS!


  1. Funny! I dont' know how i came across your blog - one of those things where you read one of your friends..and then start clicking and then 10 clicks deep I found you. Your blog is very cute! I love your stories. Just saying Hello from AK!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!