Friday, December 5, 2008

Why couldn't this happen on the plane?

I am a big Bill Murray fan, I try and watch Ground Hog's day everytime it is on, I own "What about Bob?" for goodness sakes, and then I read this: Bill Murray, and I just know I love that man!

There is a reason this did not happen on the plane I was on- well, more than one, but:

1. He probably wasn't going to Guatemala
2. I don't fly first class, I am sure he does
3. I would laugh like the complete maniac I am and not stop and then probably pee myself and snort at the same time- then he would flare his nostrils and roll his eyes at me in utter disgust
4. I would totally embarrass my kids by making ( I stress MAKING) him take a picture with me and sign and autograph!

So, it's probably a good this that this didn't happen on my flight.


  1. I can't bear to sit through "What about Bob" I must admit he did such a good good w/ the charater that I want to strangle him...

  2. I love WHAT ABOUT BOB? !! Way too funny!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!