Tuesday, November 18, 2008


OK, this is my new gay boy toy, only he doesn't know it yet.....I have to find him, kidnap him, make him teach me this dance routine and then take me dancing EVERY NIGHT! So if you know him, you must inform me at once!

I wish I was like Paris Hilton and then I could trick him to go on my BFF Show, or Diddy and he could vie to be my assistant, or Tila Tequila..um NO, I will not sink THAT low, and I can tell that neither will he.

I LOVE HIM!!! If you think you can fill his one shoulder leotard, then APPLY here to be my new GBTBFF...gay.boy.toy.best.friend.forever (or nominate one who can)


  1. I saw this on the Bonnie show yesterday. Wasn't he great? I want him, too!

  2. Wow that's awesome. How did u find him? Yeah he can dance for me every morning...

  3. You have a super cute blog...and that guy is fan-bloody-tastic. Beyonce who?


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!