Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Need to SHARE!

I have to share this with you all :) Chelsea Handler is one of my favorite people in the world, I think she is just so funny. She is so bad, but I love her and find her to be equally offensive to all! As her guest she had on Amy Sedaris (sister to David Sedaris) who is special. Special and highly HIGHlarious. If you have ever seen her old show "Strangers with Candy" you know what I am talking about. Her humor almost always makes me uncomfortable, which I think is genius, because it it makes me squirm, think of the "huevos" (balls) Amy has to have to sit there and do it with a straight face! Ladies, I give to you, the offensive, yet so amusing, personal hygiene bit these girls did on Chelsea's show: click here!

BTW, that book she is promoting is the BEST!


  1. I love Amy Sedaris!! She is freakin' hilarious. He brother is genius too... I would to sit at their dinner table. I'd pee my pants.

    oh, and I enjoy awkward humor too!

  2. ok, I just read that last comment I left on here.. and what the hell? It made no sense.. I meant to say "her brother is a genius, too" and "I would love to sit at their dinner table".

    geez... I don't even have the excuse of I didn't have my coffee yet...

  3. Well, this is just going to make your day. I have not one, but TWO presents for you over at http://pieceococonutcake.blogspot.com/2008/10/bloggy-love.html. Enjoy!


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