Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to 7-11

This morning, I once again needed gas and coffee, this is uncommon for me because#1 I drive a mini and I only have to fill him up (his name is Big Boy) about every 2 weeks and #2 I manage a facility that has a very POSH coffee lounge and coffee is FREE! But I have been staying up to all hours of the night watching all the pundits, and I mean ALL, yes, even FOX *ugh* News (the News part I use loosely) and I am DEAD tired. There are so many polls, and so many factors and it's making my pretty little head hurt. So I have decided there is only one way to go, or I mean one place to go... 7-11 to visit my friend form Massachusetts, The Obama Guy.

It took me a while to come up with this, screw the polls, whoever the guy at 7-11 says is getting the most coffee cups (you know the Obama or McCain one's) should be the winner of the election. I mean why not? I live in Florida, is t not going to be FLORIDA, FLORIDA, FLORIDA??? Maybe I will stat calling 7-11's in Ohio and ask the attendants which cups are selling the most.

It then dawned on me....do Republicans get coffee at 7-11? I can't envision Cindy McCain pumping her own gas, or getting a slushee! Or maybe I live in a Democratic area (I don't think so, there is 1 black family in my sub-division, and we are the token Hispanics.) All of this was irrelevant- The Obama Guy was working today :(
This is a picture of my Mini- Big Boy and UGLY BETTY (me) haha- yes, I was FATTER, yes, I wore GLASSES, NO I didn't have braces- Why was I in a Catholic School Girl uniform? hmmmmmmmm, I plead the 5th.

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