Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Costumes, I love DRESS UP, even on Halloween

So you all voted and I am going to be WONDER WOMAN for Halloween. I announced it to my husband over the weekend, just out of the blue.

The Man: (looking at some useless magazine with motorcycles)
Me: You know what? (no response) I'm going to Wonder Woman for Halloween
The Man: OK, random
Me: You wanna be Superman?
The Man: No
Me: You wanna be Wonder Woman's boss, that Air Force guy?
The Man: No
Me: You wanna go to the costume shop ans see what they have for you?
The Man: No, we have no where to go on Halloween, I am NOT dressing up (the party we were planning on going to got canx, so sucky!)
Me: UM, nah, we are dressing up and we are going out on Halloween, and I will be a kick ass Wonder Woman!
The Man: (doesn't even lift his head form the mag)
It's on bitches, I am crashing some one's party on Halloween!

To prove to you my love of randomly dressing up, I provide the following:

Most are from Spirit week and my former job the girls school...

The Blues Mothers

Tacky Tuesday
Pin Up Captain and her SailorThing one and Thing TwoOK, so it's not really me, but in my dreams this is what I look like : )

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  1. Great idea! I'm working on my costume ideas right now...


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!