Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Suprise Birthday Party- which I planned

Just by reading this blog you can probably tell I'm the kind of girl that likes to party. Just a little, and only once in a while *HA*

The insanity started when I turned 30, I decided that I wanted to throw myself a party. I didn't need the HUBS to do it, or anyone else. My philosophy has long been: If you want flowers, plant a garden. If you want a Birthday Party, throw one for yourself, don't sit around on your ass hopping your man is gonna grow a Woman's brain and throw you a surprise party with all the trimmings! Girl, please, do it for yourself!

Every year, it got bigger and bigger, people would start calling me the first week of February asking " What's the plan for your B-day?"

Then we moved to Orlando, and well, I didn't really know too many people, finally after 3 years, I figured I had enough friends to have a proper party. I set the date with the girls and then started planning away. I did NOT inform the HUBS. Hence the SURPRISE portion of the Party.

Why? Well, the HUBS has a strong OGRE gene in him, and he is at his core a hermit. So social events are not his thing (my exact opposite) He does not like for people to sing Happy Birthday to him and would kill me if I ever did in public. I on the other hand, relish all attention and suffer for that terrible sickness "EVERYONE MUST LOVE ME!" syndrome.

One week before the party he was informed we were going out to celebrate my Birthday on the 20 (my actual B-day is 2/25, take note) with some friends at a local bar/nightclub (which is a tourist trap and the most chessy fun ever!)

The party planning started getting a little out of control. First I devised a theme- hmmm, it was either Hello Kitty (shut up, you know you love her too) or Cherries. Cherries, it was...what kind of a theme is Cherries? Well, I got balloons with Cherries on them, we all drank Cherry Bombs (cherry vodka/red bull and maraschinos cherries) I wore my fabulous cherry jewelry, and got cherries painted on my nails, all so cute! Now the piece de resistance of course was the cake:

Two days before the party the Hubs was informed that many people had been invited and there were decorations involved. He just looked at me. The strategy worked. He was fine with it, if I would have informed him 2 weeks prior, I could have faced weeks of complaining, and moaning and groaning about the huge social commitment, blah, blah, blah.

Now the funniest part of all, it that the HUBS complains before hand, but is always the person who has the most fun and sings Happy Birthday...it's like pre-party jitters.

Here he is yucking it up with his pals.

And her I am with my partner in crime, who helped and did all the pre-party set up.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!