Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How long has your hair been dirty?

My youngest recently had surgery on his left wrist, and since he has hair like Lady Godiva, it was impossible for him to wash his own hair with one hand.

How do I know this? Because I have arthritis in my left shoulder and when I had my surgery my husband had to get in the shower and wash my hair for first he was excited because he thought he was going to get lucky. Yeah right, after that didn't happen he was just kind of annoyed.

I explained this to my hairy son, and he scoffed. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday all went by, well you get the picture, Sunday night Lady Godiva comes to me and says: Mom, you gotta wash my hair.
Next was the logistics of the situation, how would this be accomplished? after all he is 17 and I have not seen him naked in YEARS. He hatched a plan, he would don his swimming trunks and get in the shower and get soaking wet. Then I would get in, fully clothed, with the water off and wash his hair. Then I would get out, he would rinse, remove trunks and wash his nether regions.

So Sunday night I get in the shower and grab the shampoo to wash his hair.

He goes: MOM! What are you doing?

me- washing your stinky hair.

Lady G- why are you using the shampoo?

me- to get it clean.

Lady G- You're doing it WRONG, the conditioner goes first, then the shampoo.

me- WHAT!?! Have you never read the bottle? Shampoo rinse repeat, follow with conditioner.

Lady G- you are the one who told me to use Conditioner first!

me- why would I do that, you're nuts, that hair is growing into your brain. How long have you been doing that?


HUBS pops his head in the bathroom- What is going on in there? How long is this going to take?

And so I discovered that my son has not washed his hair properly in at least 10 years!


  1. I love this whole plan of a bathing suit and getting in the shower with the water off.... why not just have him bend over the sink and use the squirter???
    And the whole doing it wrong thing does not surprise me at all. At least he finished with the part that actually cleaned it.

  2. What a RIOT!! I guess you learn the darndest things when you wash your pre-teen's hair!! So glad you were able to set him straight before high school!!

    Thanks for the smile!

  3. I have fine, oily hair. I condition, then shampoo. That way, my hair ends up silky smooth yet clean (without residue).

  4. Could that be the secret to those luxurious locks??? We may be on to something here.... quick, someone call 60 minutes!

  5. Hahahaha that sounds like something my brother would say.

  6. Ha ha ha this is great. I'd shave his head, then maybe the new hair won't not be stinky!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!