Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bow down- it's my Birthday!

Today is my actual Birthday, yes today is the day that my parents finally got their dream daughter and today is the day that the evil (step)-sisters RUE.

Actually, middle sister says she remembers going to the hospital and looking at me through the glass, she says she asked our Dad "why is she so red and why won't she stop screaming?" That's all she remembers.

Last night we ordered Chinese take out, as I had no desire to cook, it was amazing and everyone overate BIG TIME. I went to bed not feeling well. A little after midnight I was dreaming about Birthday cake, in the dream I was saying "No, Thank you"

Really, me, turning down a piece of cake, they kept on insisting, EAT SOME, EAT SOME! I bolted up, out of my slumber, ran to the bathroom and *BLAAAAAAAAHHHHHH* out came all the Chinese food. Well, not all because I spent the rest of the night sitting on the toilet. Lovely, right? I bet you weren't expecting that mental image in my Birthday post.

I had to drag myself to work today, as the receptionist is out sick, needless to say I have canceled my B-day lunch with girlfriends and my B-day dinner with the Hubs and kids.

I have to tell you the the gifts I got at my party totally represent who I am as a person:

  • Gift Certificate to Victoria's Secret
  • Bath Products
  • Yankee Candle with gorgeous holder
  • Super Fun Jewelry
  • Hand crafted glycerin soaps with cherries in them
  • Hooters Gift Certificates
Really what else could a woman ask for?

I have began pondering next years Birthday party and I am pretty sure I am going to kick the Hairys and the Hubs out of the house and have a SLUMBER PARTY! Seriously, this may be the best idea ever!!!


  1. OOO I love adult slumber parties! Alcohol + adult women = lots of juicy stories and laughter! :))) <3

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you feel better :).

  3. Haha! now that you write about how Nina asked why you were so red and screaming, I remember that!

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you feel better soon! I actually HAD an adult girl slumber party a few years back and it ROCKED! We had a BLAST! We did pretty much everything we did as kids, only added wine! It was glorious!

  5. Happy birthday!!! : )

    I had stomach issues during my 35th b-day and had to end the party early. It sucked. Glad you're postponing the festivities til you feel better...which is hopefully SOON!

  6. Happy Birthday.

    Next year I am planning on a bouncy castle and a margarita machine.

  7. what a cute memory from your sister! Happy DAY!


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!