Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger Woods and his HOT ASS WIFE!

We live just down the street from Tiger Woods, about 3 miles away. He goes to the same gym the HUBS and kids go to, and you can run into him just about anywhere in this area.

Everyone likes him and he seems like an all around nice guy (not as nice as SHAQ, who lies down on the gym floor and lets people lie down next to him so you can measure just how insanely HUGE he is! *this is TRUE)

Anyway, when this whole crazy story broke, the first thing my step son said was:

-Oh yeah, my friend says he was at Blue Martini (a meat market for sugar daddies) and was drinking it up and hitting on all the girls on Wednesday night. (complete hearsay)

Hmmm, I had never thought about him that way, but then again, well, how shall I say this: HE IS A MAN.

Every time, they show the picture of his wife Elin on TV the 4 men I live with (ages 17-43) all say: She is so HOT, much HOTTER than those girls he is supposed to be cheating on.

So here is my note to Elin.

Dear Elin Nordegren Woods,

This has nothing to do with you, your role as a wife, lover or mother, or how beautiful you are, or if your boobs are saggy after 2 beautiful babies(Sam & Charlie.) It has nothing to do with weather you were to tired to have sex, or were not adventurous, or weather you nag, or pay more attention to your babies than you husband.

This is the hard part:

  • Do not feel ashamed

  • Do not be embarrassed

  • Never feel humiliated

You are not a laughing stock. No, not everybody knew and kept you in the dark, and you have NOT BEEN MADE A FOOL of!

Your husband, should feel all of the above. You can hold your head high and walk out the front door anytime you like, you can kick his ass to the curb, or you can forgive him and work on your marriage, that is your choice and your right as a woman, a wife and a mother. You are not a sucker if you choose the latter.

However, I found this photo on-line and if you want to do something like this, I support you as well!

Elin, I hope you have good girlfriends and your Mom is close by, if not, girl you give me a call, I will come right over, we can have a PJ party, with hot cocoa (spiked of course), we can laugh and cry and bitch and moan and in the morning you can either call a good ass lawyer or the best marriage counselor in town, you're going to need one of them sweetie!


  1. Oh, and if she wants someone to help bash in the OTHER side of the car with a set of golfclubs, call me and I'll drive up. Stoopid A-hole!

  2. Seems to me like she has a really good way of releasing her anger. And the bonus is that I bet she scared the hell out of him when she did it.

  3. It's spelled: whether not WEATHER.

  4. Yes, it is wheather not weather. I hope that is not all you took from this post about women being shamed when thier husbands cheat.

  5. I love that sign! HAHA! Too funny!

  6. Speaking as a man:

    I LOVE this post! I abhor the thought that “it’s in a man’s nature to cheat“ and other such nonsense. Weak men and guys with psych problems cheat.

    As much as I hate the above, I hate it more that women turn a man’s dumbA** decision into ‘what did I do wrong’. Self evaluation is necessary but if you being a good person and he cheats, it is his problem and the power is in your hands.

    If you want to stay, CHOOSE to stay (but not settle) and if you want to leave, do it!

    I told my wife that I personally will kick her butt if I cheat and she takes me back. If I receive random calls from women and can’t explain them or if someone sees me out with a women she has never heard of and she doesn't question me for a LOGICAL explination, I will question her judgement.

    More power! To Jenny Sanford, the soon to be EX of the governor of SC. She didn’t stand by his side when he made is ‘yup, I screwed up’ speech and she filed for divorce. She may loose the governors mansion but there are some things she is just not prepared to tolerate. (and I bet her husband already knew that before CHOOSING to not care)

  7. One more about the SC gov's soon-2-b-x:

    "Certainly his actions hurt me, and they caused consequences for me, but they don't in any way take away my own self-esteem," the 47-year-old told ABC's Barbara Walters, who named her one of the most fascinating people of 2009. "They reflect poorly on him."

  8. WOW!~ I love that a man read this and understood waht I was talking about. Rationaly women know it is not their fault, but the feeling of humiliation, betrayl and pain, must be overwhelming, as well as the thought that her children will know every dirty detail one day, so sad.

  9. Wow. I agree 100% that this has nothing to do with her and falls entirely on Tiger's tail, but you have GOT to believe that inside the head of every woman who marries a popular athlete there is the belief that eventually he will cheat. With so much money and so many women gunning for him, it's practically unheard of if he didn't, and I don't care how "hot" his wife is. So I'm not blaming her, but I think she's playing niave when it comes to the real deal of what was going down. Just sayin'...


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!