Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I apologize for being so lame and posting my greatest TWEETS, but if I try to write a proper post, my left eye will explode, no lie.

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  • Just how BIG is my BUTT you ask? Um, my skirts are like 4 inches shorter in the back than in the front..that BIG!

  • If I was entrepreneurial I would design dresses and skirts for BIG BUTT women that were longer in the back ...hmmm, genius

  • I call HUBS dick wad all the time, he replies "UR the Dick Wad" I go: define "DICKWAD" he has no idea, aye mi Ricky Ricardo!

  • Sex in the shower is never as sexy as it sounds; especially if you are wearing a shower cap- just saying

  • Don't get me wrong, I love that people actually follow me, but I have 6 strip clubs following, have no idea why, could b I have sugar twitts?

  • Maybe I will become friends with on of these strip clubs and throw the HUBS a B-day Bash there! World's Best WIFE trophy awaits me!

  • Is Moose Munch (however yummy) supposed to make your ASS the size of an actual MOOSE?

  • We usually watch ELF on Christmas Day, but with "The Hangover" being release, I think it will be the new family tradition, is that wrong?

  • ate too much moose munch...must try and button pants, then roll home...

  • Love it! B-O-O-B is a palindrome!

  • Did you know that 2010 is the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Calender? um, FAIL!

  • Do ever have those days where you just crack YOURSELF UP, all day long...but no one else seems to laugh?!

  • Holiday Tip #5- make sure you have more gifts for your stinky teenage boys than for for your lovely princess Little Lulu (American bulldog)

  • Holiday Tip #4- Remember, always deny to your hubs that you went to Target. Target is a black hole that sux up all his $ & 1/2 your day

  • Holiday Tip #3- if said lunch break was 1 hour, do not get "lost" in Target for 2.5 hours

  • Holiday Tip #2- If you go to Target because you have a $80 credit, do NOT spend $280 (specially if broke, like me)

  • Holiday Tip #1- If you go to Target on you "lunch" break, make sure you are NOT wearing a RED shirt!

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