Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daddy's 75th Birthday!

Today is my Daddy's 75th Birthday! He is SUPER AWESOME! He spoiled me rotten! ha-ha He gave me Valentine's gift's every year, sometime books, or games, once a puppy! He always let me through huge parties on Halloween and my Birthday, and always listened to everything I said. He would often tell me, if anything ever happened while I was out late at night I could call him and he would come and get me, no questions asked....yeah right?! Well, lo and behold my friend ditched me at a bar at 2AM to go off with a guy and everyone left to give me a ride home was smashed....I called, he came, no questions, I was 16, but that's another story (it wasn't in the States) Which brings me to worst story of all time...He once caught me drunk, very drunk, drag my ass up the stairs drunk. It was during X-Mas break mid- week (ladies night) so the next day he went to work, (big mistake, I had all day to concoct a story) When he returned this is what I confessed: I only had $10 and thats how much cover was, so I had no money left over for sodas. It was hot, I was dancing a lot and thirsty, so an "older" guy kept on buying me a drink called a "Tom Collins" I didn't know it had alcohol, gee it tasted just like a Shirley Temple. And that's how I ended up shit faced Daddy! Well, he bought it line and sinker. The result ? he gave me LOTS of cash every time I went out, so I didn't have to accept drinks from men! Hence, my reputation as a "high roller" buying Tequila Shots for everyone! Cheers! Happy Birthday Daddy! (click here to see my Dad)


  1. You better hope to GOD he doesn't read this!

  2. First thing my daughter did when she turned a tattoo

  3. What a good story. You and I have the best dads in the world! My dad also never asks any questions. Once my husband and I had a "big bang" type of fight and my dad was in town. He never got involved or asked questions. I guess if he thought my husband was a good man I should try and work things out. Ten years later we are still married thanks to my dad and his love for both of us.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!