Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dear Arizona,

What does an Illegal Alien look like?

Brown, Mexican, poor? Is that who they are referring to when the say illegal Immigrants?

I heard the law referred to as "Breathing while Hispanic" it the new crime.

What does Hispanic even mean? *the word means you a descendant of a country in which Spanish is spoken or see wiki: A person residing in the United States, Latin America or worldwide of Spanish ancestry.

WOW, that's a shit load of people to fuck with Arizona.

While English is my first language and I have no accent, my husband's is thick, he's lucky, he looks "white" so his accent is often mistaken for Austrian (don't ask.)

If on vacation in Arizona should we make sure we are not "too tan" before going? Avoid getting in a pick up truck? Wearing shabby clothes or visiting 7-11? We certainly would make sure we didn't speak in Spanish, and we would be sure to carry our American Passports with us at all times, just to be safe.

Yes, I know Arizona, you pay big $$ to school illegal kids and big $$ for all the illegal health care.

How much is all the boycotting going to cost Arizona?

Being Latino simply can not a reasonable reason for a Police Officer to ask that you prove citizenship.

What does Latino look like?

Everyone in the pictures above are immigrants from Latin America. We all have made our lives here, married here, had our children here, work here and pay taxes. If I am not mistaken, most of them are now US Citizens. Latinos: we are all shapes, sizes, colors ans shades of hair and skin, I for one, as a HUMAN BEING can not stomach this ridiculous law.

Oh, for shits and giggles I am including a picture of my sisters kids. The are born and bread in Latin America and their English sucks.


  1. I can't believe there are people who think this is a good thing. It completely boggles my mind.

  2. Love that last picture. This is one of the things I get so angry about. I do not fault or blame people for wanting to come to this country for better opportunities. Isn't that what this country was founded for? If people want to keep "illegals" out then they should go after the companies that hire them. But that is completely different than what you are writing about here. I haven't heard about this law, but I think it is disgusting and stupid. When my Dad was alive he traveled back and forth to Mexico a lot. He was so dark complected that he often got a pretty good grilling coming and going and he had no "hispanic" background at all. I can't even begin to imagine what he would do if someone questioned about it.

  3. Dear FFC,

    I am an immigrant from Chicago who is now an American. To answer your question: an illegal immigrant can look like any ethnicity on this green Earth. Most illegal immigrants I know are Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Haitian, but that's just in my part of town. There were 47 first languages spoken in my high school. I've dated, received medical care from, been taught by, am friends with, have lived in the same building with, ect... all kinds of people from around the globe, and I love many of them dearly. I know some illegal immigrants personally, and must admit that most of them are good hardworking people. However, it doesn't change the fact that what they are doing is wrong and hurts the community overall. Jumping the waiting line hurts those who are waiting. Taking from a system in terms of education and medical care hurts those who pay into the system. Working undocumented hurts workers' rights. And, of course, just like anyone else, illegal immigrants do commit crimes and suffer from crimes, but, their being legally invisible makes it hard for the police to keep the community safe. It is a real problem, and it must be addressed. It would be very sad if race was brought into this. As you've shown, and as I've seen for the past 15 years (since I came to America) the color of the skin or hair has nothing to do with it. I agree with Jennifer that the government should crack down on the corporations hiring illegally. I also agree that our country is so wonderful because we are so diverse, but there are plenty of ways to come here legally. I studied social and international economics in college, so I looked at this problem from many angels. Please, understand that those of us who want the government to be more pro active in stopping illegal immigration aren't all racist, rich, white men who hate anyone different from themselves. Many of us are not, rich, not white and not american-born individuals who see the real reasons behind these laws.
    Peace & Love

  4. Bravo. My husband is Indian, here legally. We live in Kansas and I am very worried about the Arizona law because a wanna-be politician from my state helped draft the wording of this law and has sights for implementing it here (if he gets elected. Which means I will be volunteering to help the campaign his opponent!)

    The potential violations to the 4th Amendment of our Constitution frighten me.

    So, this law is very personal to me, on many levels.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!