Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Mother, Jane Seymour

When I was a little kid my Mom would tells us people used to say she looked like Jane Seymour, you know the medicine woman, the lady in the commercials for that weird open hearts jewelery, yeah, her.

Of course our reaction as children was to fall off the bed laughing and roll around on the floor howling, no doubt this was very offensive to my mother.

How am I so sure? Well, when I tell my children people tell me I look like Catherine Zeta Jones, all the DAMN time, I get one of the following reactions from my kids:

  • ROTFLMAO (you should know if your not up in the lingo, this means Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off)
  • who? the HOT chick from Zoro *ahahahaaaaaaaaa*
  • yeah right Mom
  • The big pregnant one at the Oscars?
  • who told you that? an old guy hitting on you?
There are many more, as I keep trying to convince them it's true. In fact one time I was walking in to Pericone's for lunch in Miami and I heard one lady tell the freind in Spanish "look it's Catherine Zeta Jones" I kept my sunglasses and kept walking so I wouldn't be bothered with an autograph (you know how that it) of course, it was right after she had her baby, so...who knows.

I'm posting a picture of my Mom when she was my age, 21. HA! No really, 37. Look are her big hair (mental note, ask her how it go so big) her sexy black dress and her tan (we were living in the Dominican Republic at the time) I wish her hands weren't in the way, because my Mom's cleavage and decolletage are amazing, oh and she has awesome skin. Ignore the other people in the picture, specially my Dad, who eyes are closed and looks super weird.
Here is a photo on Jane Seymour when she was younger.

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  1. Ha. I can't believe your kids say that. They need a smack.

    You tell them that Dr Zibbs thinks you're hot.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!