Monday, January 4, 2010

Lookey what I got for Christmas!

Remember the stunning, original art, oleo painting made especially for my husband? Yeah, you know, the one I gave him for Christmas! Oh right, apparently NO ONE READ the POST!

Any way, what did I get in return for such a beautiful and Nobel gesture? I got a BOOB Scarf! hahahah- I just crack up every time I see it! OK, not really, but if any one would ever give this to me, I swear to Buddha that I would wear it. Only when going out with the stinky, hairy men that sleep and eat in my house (yes, my kids) or at home when they had their friends over. Just for shits and giggles!

I would lurk around the fridge and see if they were trying to drink my booze....

OK, so I did get some fun and funny gifts. When I get a little breather I will post and blog further.

I hope everyone one had a fantastic holidays and phenomenal New Year's!


  1. HA!! That photo made my day! I gotta get me a pair of much cheaper than implants! :)

  2. that is hysterical. What's with the fake boob tattoo? That's the part I don't get! Hey, check out this contest: Maybe you can win and buy yourself something nice.
    (oh, and about those celebrity look alikes, a cab once stopped for me because the driver thought I was Jennifer Tilly. Maybe because I have dark brown hair???)


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!