Friday, June 4, 2010

New Fashion Find!

Let's start at toe has been hurting. I mean really hurting. So much I was in pain every time I had to push the clutch in to shift gears in my car. Yeah, I drive a stick shift, you know I am a bad ass.

Anyway, it is my second toe the one next to my big toe on my left foot. I ignored it for a long time, but then it started to feel funny, like pins and needles and spread to my big toe. My assistant said that's never damage, that scared me and I went to a podiatrist.

Guess what I have!? Capsulitis of the Second Toe! It's when your second toe is deformed and longer than the your big toe and causes your weight to unevenly distribute itself on you second toe instead of the big one. And having that caused:
Morton’s neuroma- nerve damage!

He then shove a GINORMOUS needle in my second toe with a shot of cotizone and told me to:
  • no more flip flop
  • no more bare feet
  • no more high heels
You need to buy orthopedic shoes. AHHHHHHH! I have been in a deep depresion and that is why I have not posted! Remember me, the woman with 5 pairs od pink high heels, and 6 pairs of red ones. The woman with shoes hidden in crates in the garage, under the bed and the attic.

I am happy to announce I have finally found a pair of orthopedic shoes I can be happy wearing: BEHOLD!
Pierced for the freak in me!

The best part of all is that they go perfectly with the the tittay scarf I got for Christmas!!!


  1. OMG hilarious. Well, welcome to the Deformed Feet Club. I have huge bunions on both bad that I can't wear toe rings, ankle bracelets or jeweled flip flops cuz I can't call attention to my feet. It is mortifying. It's all about platforms, baby.

  2. LMAO!!!

    OK, you're not going to believe this, but I bought a pair of (gasp!) Crocs. I wanted to try them on to see if they were as comfortable as people say, b/c I thought they'd help me when I'm cooking all day. They REALLY ARE comfortable! And they have some that aren't ugly! I got these:!


  3. I feel for ya babe.

    I am wearing a damn immobilising boot and will not be able to wear heels for months if EVER!

    OMG, just DYING at the thought.

    But no way I am gunna wear those things. Or Crocs.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!