Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Sandra Bullock should do

I am sure many of you out there are like me and have been thinking about Sandra Bullock non-stop. No? Not really, well, wateves.

I have. Just the same as I thought about Elin for days and days. Why? Hell if I know! I think about everything all the time non-stop, random and unrelated to me. Sometimes I actually have things to do that are pertinent to my life and I don"t do them because I am busy thinking of things that are absolutely irrelevant to me.

Any who!? Moving along, I feel bad for Sandra in a way I would feel bad if it happened to my girlfriends. Like I want to get drunk with her and go egg Jesse James house or worse, much much worse.

I felt so bad for her because, really she had no choice. She had to get a divorce. Unlike Elin, she has a career which is very visible. I mean really if she stayed married, she would have to account to be being married to a Nazi (as some people claim) at every press junket for the rest of her life. Her husband's poor choices would affect her career, all this on top of the complete humiliation of the cheating from her scum spouse in the public eye forever and ever.

But now that I have come to terms with Sandy's (were tight like that) situation and when I saw the cover with her gorgeous little boy, I felt like she is going to be OK.

She will trudge through this and have her precious baby and here is the kicker....

When she is good and ready, she needs to call her old boyfriend up: RYAN GOSLING and get a little cougar lovin.....because really who couldn't use a little more HOT CANADIAN in their lives...

And in honor of that hot hunk of man- Ryan Gosling- and my mental revelation: What Sandy needs is some HOT COUGAR LOVE- check out this hilarious blog-
Fuck YEAH! Ryan Gosling!


  1. Rhonda in TexasMay 5, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    Having read the article of said zine, I really do think she'll be just fine. She's one of my top favs anyway. I know the timing was horrid, but I think .. she'll have plenty of babystuff to distract her. Jesse's an idiot. Nuff said.

  2. Hey Girl,

    Would leave a decent comment but me and Ryan Gosling are going all cougar town on each other.

    P.S. He says to say "hola mi vita" ??? whatever - I dont do Italian


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!