Monday, July 26, 2010

Hodge Podge

So I have been super lazy- it may be the heat, it may be because it's summer or more likely because well, I'm lazy in general, so sorry for not posting.

The HUBS is out of town for almost 2 weeks! Crazy! I thought I was going to be living it up and have girls night out EVERY night...He left on Wednesday evening so far this is all the exciting stuff I have done:

Wednesday: Watched a DVD- Hachi: A Dog's Tale (stars Richard Gere) OK, if you are SICK and want to torture yourself, cry and make your stomach hurt as well as rip you heart out- then this is a must see flick for you! If not, send it to someone you HATE sit back and giggle.

Thursday: Was using the HUBS car, as he left mine in Miami (where he left from on his trip) when I tried to leave work, his car would not start and it wouldn;t let the key come out (it was stuck in the ignition.) Called road side assistance, waited 1.5 hours, got a ride home.

Friday: Still no car. Took oldest son's car to the movie with youngest son and friends: watched Despicable me. It was hilarious-son kept on telling met o keep it down- he is totally embarrassed by my cackling!

Saturday: Got a ride to car dealer and they gave me a loaner- yeah, because my car is out of warranty and they are charging me $1500 to fix it. Isn't that so sweet of them?

So, my goodness, there has been so much exciting and adventure- I can barely stand it...oh yeah, did I mention the water heater broke? Yeah, I am ignoring it and taking very short showers (at least is like 110 degrees outside so that water is not that cold) It took the 18 year old 4 days to notice we had no hot water. Guess what that means...yep, he hadn't bathed for 4 days....ewwwwwwwwwww, boys.

However I have sleeping at least 10 hours a day! haha, that is wonderful and I also have been watching all the TV shows I want to watch but the HUBS hates:

You're cut off!
Discovery Health- Half Ton Mom, Dad, Teen, etc
Discovery Health- Baby's Story
Teen Mom
At least 8 hours straight of HGTV
Another 8 of the Food Network

Oh, not to mention all the movies!

The Women
Grey Gardens
InkHeart (that one was stupid)
Cop Out (ok, my son made me watch this. Hello! Tracy Morgan is hysterical!)
Temple Grandin (amazing)

Do not fret all is not lost- I am currently trying to recruit anyone in going with me to a drag queen show on Saturday and luring a gay aquaintance over (who I wish to make my official gay) for Horror Movie Night marathon...I will let you know how it goes.

On another note, I went to but gas in the stupid rental and saw this:

Who the HELL do they think they are marketing to? Really!? Ladies, do you "power up" with a GIANT ASS SODA? When you think of yourself as a "super mom" do you envision giant round boobies and a down to there neckline? Do those giant ass soda's make your biceps hard? What is going on here?


  1. I look at it and think, "what the hell is wrong with her foot?"
    love, big sis

  2. Glad you're enjoying(?) your "alone time".

    Btw, I love Snapped! Unfortunately, I keep running into re-runs...but I watch them anyway because I'm awesome like that.

  3. I watch all the cooking shows. Porn for fatlings.


I love you Darling, really! Thank you!